Traditionally people in this area cut down new parts of forest every year, take out the firewood and burn the remaining undergrowth in order to sow corn. At Tierra Luna we are very concerned with this form of agriculture. The old people here tell us that there used to be much more water before. Indeed, without trees the soil cannot save enough water and desertification takes place. Besides, there is the problem of soil erosion especially in inclined areas.

There is an urgent need for reforestation and one of our most important aims is to plant as many trees every year as possible. The best time of year for planting is at the beginning of the rainy season in June and July. However, it is necessary to prepare the ground before in April and May so as to be ready when the rain sets in.

If you are also concerned about the present change of the world’s climate Tierra Luna provides a good opportunity for you to actively do something to improve the poor state of Mother Nature.