Field Work and Organic Gardening

We have roughly forty hectares of pasture to maintain. So twice a year we renew old posts and fences and cut the weed with machete. At your stay you may learn how to use a machete. Our workers are waiting for you to show you how to sharpen these tools and to teach you the proper use.

Or maybe our organic gardening project awakes your interest. We produce tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, chilli and the like as well as different salads and herbs. We also have various fruit plants such as mango, banana, lemon, oranges, papayas and passion fruit. One of our aims for the near future is to set up an orchard in the area close to our spring.

Especially in the rainy season the local flora is absolutely amazing. At your stay you can learn a lot about local plants. One of our workers is an expert in plants and he is looking forward to teach you the different kinds that grow in the semi-tropical climate and how to cultivate them.