Dairy Farming

Our sixteen cows produce daily around sixty litres of milk, of which most is sold to local people for cheese production. Besides we also make our own cheese as well as fresh yoghurt.

Our cows are milked every morning in the traditional way by hand and if you like to try you are welcome. Our cattle are very tame so they won’t mind you touch them even if you are inexperienced. You may also learn how to properly use a lasso to catch our cattle on the run. Our cowboy will be pleased to instruct you in this skill.

Besides the cows we have up to twenty calves and heifers as well as two bulls, two horses and a donkey. If you like animals you will sure have an unforgettable stay at Tierra Luna.

Field Work and Organic Gardening

We have roughly forty hectares of pasture to maintain. So twice a year we renew old posts and fences and cut the weed with machete. At your stay you may learn how to use a machete. Our workers are waiting for you to show you how to sharpen these tools and to teach you the proper use.

Or maybe our organic gardening project awakes your interest. We produce tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, chilli and the like as well as different salads and herbs. We also have various fruit plants such as mango, banana, lemon, oranges, papayas and passion fruit. One of our aims for the near future is to set up an orchard in the area close to our spring.

Especially in the rainy season the local flora is absolutely amazing. At your stay you can learn a lot about local plants. One of our workers is an expert in plants and he is looking forward to teach you the different kinds that grow in the semi-tropical climate and how to cultivate them.


Traditionally people in this area cut down new parts of forest every year, take out the firewood and burn the remaining undergrowth in order to sow corn. At Tierra Luna we are very concerned with this form of agriculture. The old people here tell us that there used to be much more water before. Indeed, without trees the soil cannot save enough water and desertification takes place. Besides, there is the problem of soil erosion especially in inclined areas.

There is an urgent need for reforestation and one of our most important aims is to plant as many trees every year as possible. The best time of year for planting is at the beginning of the rainy season in June and July. However, it is necessary to prepare the ground before in April and May so as to be ready when the rain sets in.

If you are also concerned about the present change of the world’s climate Tierra Luna provides a good opportunity for you to actively do something to improve the poor state of Mother Nature.


An important aspect of our project is to improve your overall health. Farm work eventually is a good way to keep you fit. The clean air combined with movement is an important first step. However, when staying at Tierra Luna you enjoy much more opportunities:

We grow various vegetables and salads are grown in our own organic garden and we intend to maintain a healthy balance in our nutrition. Most of the dairy products we produce with the milk of our own cows. At Tierra Luna you can also drink water straight from the tap – an unusual thing in Mexico – as we get the water from a clean spring nearby.

Yoga classes are also available at Tierra Luna. We therefore bueilt a multifunctional “palapa” which is also an excellent recreation place. One of our projects in the near future is the building and operating of a “Temaskal”, a sweat lodge, in the tradition of the Toltec Indians.